Dear MLS of Catawba Valley Participants and Subscribers:

Hopefully you have attended or registered for a Matrix class at the MLS of Catawba Valley (MLSCV) office. If not, there is still time. Register here!

Matrix User IDs/Passwords: You don’t have to wait until training to log into Matrix. Go to Click the Matrix Login button. To log in now, simply add the letters CV to the beginning of your Paragon User ID. For example, if your Paragon User ID is 12345, your Matrix User ID is CV12345. Your password for Paragon will work in Matrix as well. The first time you log in, you will be asked to “Enroll” in our login service, called “Clareity.” After that, you can log in to Matrix directly.

ShowingTime: A few MLSCV offices already use ShowingTime. For those offices’ listings, online scheduling of showing appointments will be unavailable from noon on Feb. 13 until 10 a.m. on Feb. 14, and the “schedule a showing” button will be removed from Paragon system. During this time, it will still be possible to schedule a showing for these listings over the phone with ShowingTime, with the exception of a two-hour period on Feb. 13 when the migration is being finalized. ShowingTime will be reaching out to these affected firms and individuals to ensure they are aware of this disruption.

Saved searches and contacts: Saved searches and contacts were converted from Paragon into Matrix. Once you make a change to a saved contact or saved search in Matrix, the corresponding saved search or contact in Paragon will no longer update to Matrix. This is intentional so you can update your saved searches and contacts in Matrix without losing your work.

Here are a few important notes about the saved searches in Matrix:

  • (imported) will appear beside each search that is brought over from Paragon into Matrix.
  • (+) means it was attached to an auto email, and the users will be able to link the search to the contact.
  • (*) means there is a discrepancy in the search criteria.
  • Auto-emails are disabled until the user sends an invitation to the customer, AND the customer accepts the invitation.
  • Map coordinates will not come across in the conversion for saved searches, and the map area must be redrawn.

 Assume Identity is now Identity Sharing: Participants and subscribers have the ability to set up Identity Sharing for their account only with members of their own office. For instructions go to:

 What needs to be done before the cutover on Feb. 14? These items were not included in the conversion. If you need to keep these items for the future, save them off-line or print them for your file.

  • Area fields (there will be a map overlay of MLSCV areas). Convert Area searches (use county or city fields, etc.)
  • Saved spreadsheets
  • Custom reports
  • Customized default search
  • CMAs
  • Email signature and templates
  • Financials
  • Incomplete listings
  • Assume identity
  • Contact activity
  • Disclosures field (use Attachments instead)
  • Terms (Commercial/Land)

We are very excited to begin providing service to MLSCV members! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

As always, please direct MLS support emails to or call 704-940-3159, Option 1 or 828-239-2900, Option 1.

For more details about conversion instructions go to: Conversion Presentation