MLS UPDATE – What to expect moving forward
In July 2017, your MLSCV Participants voted and approved a revised budget that allowed the CarolinaMLS to become our new MLS service provider. Here are some important facts that you need to know:
  • Beginning March 2018, the fee for MLS service will be $55/month for Subscribers and $75/month for MLS Participants.
  • The monthly fee includes ShowingTime Showing Service, the Go Carolina MLS Mobile App, the Realist Tax Data Service and Clareity Security at no additional costs.
  • If you are currently subscribing to Centralized Showing Service, that service will no longer be necessary after the cut over date.
  • The cut over date to Matrix is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14th.
  • Listing data from Paragon is now being added to Matrix on a regular basis and all data will be available in Matrix on February 14.
  • If you are a current Matrix subscriber, beginning today, January 30, 2018, input listings into Paragon only, to prevent duplicate listings.
  • On Tuesday, February 13th (day before the cut over) around 10am Paragon will be Search Only and Add/Edit Listings will be permanently disabled.
  • In order to understand how to operate and utilize the system (which is totally customizable), it’s imperative that you attend one of the upcoming training classes, as well as ShowingTime training.
To register for the Matrix conversion training AND ShowingTime training, you may do so via the link:
There has been lots of work taking place behind the scenes to make this conversion as seamless as possible. Please understand that Matrix is an entirely different system from Paragon and we will all go through the learning process together.
eKey information and registration will also be available in the Matrix conversion training or you can email
After you have taken part in the conversion training, the Matrix helpline, 828-239-2900, will be available to answer questions. This training is free to all MLSCV members and is offered in Hickory.
Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process!
2018 MLSCV Committee Members
Gina Jenkins, Chair – 828-455-0922
Mike Kelly – 828-234-0479
Sherry Gorman – 828-781-6892
Judy Greenhill – 828-345-0111
Hank Eimer – 828-234-1535