We are happy to say we had 14 four year scholarship applications turned in. All were deserving of our scholarships. Out of the 14, 12 had 4.0 averages. Every one of them excelled in GPA, Community Service and the other qualities we were looking for.
In order to make the process completely fair we had each application numbered as it came in. The votes were made anonymously with none of the committee members knowing who they were voting on or who they were related to. I read each application, references, CVAR members contributions to the Board (how many years a member, committees served on), biography, financial notes, GPAs and community service to the committee who then proceeded to vote. (I did not vote). Each student had a average of total of 220 points they could receive. One was within 1/2 point of winning.
The votes were really close!
Here are the winners:
Alexis King, daughter of realtor Gina King, $4,000 scholarship
Tessa Phelps, daughter of realtor Lori Phelps, $4,000 scholarship
Kara Kump, daughter of affiliate Tim Kump, $1,000 scholarship
Paul Karre, son of affiliate member Ted Karre, $1,000 scholarship
We wish we could given all our applicants scholarships!
Congratulations to our recipients!
Donna Austin, Chair
2019 CVAR Scholarship Committee