Professional Designation Scholarship 2020-2021

 CVAR is offering (4) Professional Designation Scholarship for 2020-2021.
If you are interested, click the application link below.
Applications must be returned by March 13, 2020.

Professional Designation Scholarship Application 2020-2021

The requirements are as follows:

1.     Applicant must be an active member of the Association at the time of the application and awarding of the scholarship.

2.     Applicant must have been in the real estate profession for at least 6 months.

3.     Applicant must NOT be under investigation or have been found guilty of past misconduct or violation of the Code of Ethics by the Professional Standards or Arbitration committees.

4.     Once awarded, the scholarship must be used for registration by March 15, 2020 or the scholarship will be forfeited.

5.     If a scholarship is forfeited, an alternate applicant may be awarded the scholarship during the same fiscal year.

6.     Consideration will be given to first time applicants before awarding a scholarship to previous recipients.

Applications must be submitted by March 13, 2020