Advertising / Public Relations

Plan and recommend the implementation of any Association-sponsored advertising. The committee also is responsible for developing a rapport with local newspapers and making sure all major events such as awards ceremonies, induction of new officers, community service projects, etc. are covered by a newspaper staff person with a photographer from the newspaper assigned to take pictures. You will be responsible for providing the information to the newspapers as well as any other press releases for Association events. Positive press is a necessity for the REALTOR® image.

Advisory & Strategic Planning

Responsible for developing long-range plans and objectives for the Association based upon membership, program, and service needs. Define the best methods to assure that future membership needs are met and make recommendations concerning those needs to the Board of Directors. This committee consists of past and current Association presidents. They are automatically on this committee. No appointments are necessary.

Budget & Finance

Responsible for the preparation, revision, and audit of the Board’s budget and its presentation when appropriate. Plan for future financial requirements based on the recommendations of the other Board Committees, as approved by the Board of Directors. Anticipate future financial needs and recommend methods of obtaining needed revenues to adequately support a well-balanced program of activities for members. Review and make recommendations concerning the use or investment of reserve funds. Monitor the expenses of the Board and report to the Directors as to the financial status of the Association. Committee consists of: President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Association Executive.


Responsible for revision of both MLS and CVAR Bylaws as necessary.

Community Service

Design, plan, and implement programs which will allow Association membership to provide leadership in improving the quality of life in this community. Select those projects which will have broad effect on the community and which will be implemented by the entire membership.


Develop and implement educational courses and training sessions for the membership. Prepare and sponsor continuing education courses.

Equal Opportunity in Housing

Educate Association members of their responsibilities to other members and to the public in this sensitive area. Implement and plan programs in conjunction with the City and/or declaration of April as Fair Housing Month.  Investigate complaints of alleged housing discrimination filed against any Association member to determine if complaint warrants consideration by the Professional Standards Committee. Review educational materials and training courses that are available for members on the duties, obligations, and rights of REALTORS® under the Fair Housing Laws and programs of the HUD-Fair Housing Partnership. Prepare ads for Fair Housing Month in several publications in conjunction with the City of Hickory and Lenoir.

Golf for Charity

Plan and execute our annual Golf for Charity event. This Committee does the entire planning, scheduling and promotion of this event. All proceeds from this annual event go to charity.


Conduct preliminary investigation and evaluation of a complaint, as required, to determine whether the validity and substance of the complaint warrants further consideration by the Professional Standards Committee. Professional Standards Training is required to serve on this committee.


Design, plan and conduct all social functions and activities. Coordinate all functions with the appropriate staff liaison and call on other committees as necessary, based on the agenda for these functions.

Legislative/Political Affairs

Legislation and governmental regulation can have a profound effect on the real estate industry. At CVAR, we are committed to monitoring pending legislation which will, or could, affect our members; we are also committed to communicating our concerns about governmental action (local, state, and national) to our members, via e-mail and through this website.

Membership / Orientation

Recommend and develop ways to encourage membership in the local, state, and national REALTOR® associations. Assist in the continuous development and/or careful consideration of membership policies which are appropriate, reasonable, and non-discriminatory. Committee secures the instructors necessary to teach the Orientation classes at the Association office. Responsible for reviewing instructor evaluation forms to insure that quality is maintained in the speaker cadre. Make sure teaching materials remain compliant with current laws, bylaws, rules and regulations. Arrange for Affiliate Members to promote their business services to new REALTOR® members by allowing them a few minutes before the Orientation class begins. Induct new REALTOR® Members following Orientation class completion including the awarding of REALTOR® Certificates and REALTOR® pins. Recognize new REALTOR® Members at each Board Luncheon.

MLS Committee

(5 members, including Chair, all appointed by the President)

  1. To adopt rules, regulations and amendments to same, for the administration of the Service.
  2. To prescribe procedures for the operation of the MLS.
  3. Within the limitations of the MLS budget, recommend the purchase of equipment and supplies necessary for the operation of the MLS.
  4. Insure the promulgation of all information to the PARTICIPANTS by sending notice to PARTICIPANTS at least 10 days prior to any meeting that would require a vote of the PARTICIPANTS.

Any action of the MLS Committee shall be subject to review of the Board of Directors at the request of any member of the MLS Committee or by the Board of Directors without such request. Meetings of the MLS Committee shall be held at such times and places as may be determined by a majority of the members of the MLS Committee or by the Chairperson. A majority of the members of the MLS Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Plan and implement programs designed to collect funds used in the support of campaigns for candidates running for local, state, and national offices, who, by their voting records, display a positive attitude towards the free enterprise system, the real estate industry, and private property rights. Enlighten the membership as to the meaning and importance of RPAC.

Professional Standards

This committee is responsible for conducting hearings in matters involving alleged ethical misconduct by Association members, or to provide arbitration on business disputes involving Association members as requested. Also, to provide, in conjunction with the Education Committee, programs intended to increase Association members’ awareness and understanding of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics of the National Association. This committee also makes recommendations concerning amendments to the Association Bylaws Committee concerning Grievance and Professional Standards policies and procedures PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS TRAINING OFFERED THROUGH NCAR IS REQUIRED TO SERVE ON THIS COMMITTEE.


Oversees the operations of the CVAR College Scholarship Committee.  The Committee updates and distributes the annual application, reviews scholarship applications, selects winners among the qualified applicants, and distributes funds to the colleges of the winning applicants.